Indoor Cycling Races Volunteer Application

Volunteers!  Earn Money for Your Charity!

We have 8 volunteer positions at each event.  These positions are 

  • sign-in table (2 people)

  • computer operator (2 people)

  • pit crew (4 people)  

Each event runs 8 hours so we offer two shifts of four hours. 

     8 am to 12 pm

     12 pm to 4 pm

          Volunteers may work both shifts if they wish. 


Each 4 hour volunteer shift will earn $20, which we will donate on your behalf to the charity you designate.


Your charity must be an official 501(c)(3) charity with a Federal TIN/EIN. No personal charities. 

 Volunteers must be age 16 or older.   

Complete and Submit the form below to volunteer for an event.  Complete and submit a separate form for each date you wish to volunteer.

We thank you for helping to make this event possible!

Volunteer Application for Southwest Ohio Indoor Cycling Races
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Thank you for your application! We will contact you shortly.

Volunteer Position Descriptions:

These are not all-inclusive but should help you understand some of the help we need from volunteers.


The first thing participants do when entering the event is sign-in.  The sign-in staff greets each person and completes the following items. 

1. Verify their name and time slot on the start list.

2. Have them sign the waiver form. 

3. Enter their date of birth and weight on the start list. 

4. If they did not pay in advanace, collect cash or check for their entry ($25) and enter the amount they paid on the list. Checks should be made to Countryside YMCA Annual Campaign

5. Show people where they can put their bikes and other personal items.  Point out the warm-up area.

6. Show them on a diagram where the bathrooms are.

7.  Direct them to the tire pump and tire cleaning station.  

8.  Answer any questions or refer to someone who can.  


Data Entry:

1.  Locate the riders for the next race in the computer database and assign them a position number (1-8).

2.  If they are not in the database create a new record for them.  You will need name, date of birth and weight from the sign-in table.

3.  When position numbers have been entered for all riders you will save that info which will open the race screen. 

4.  When the race screen comes up verify that the rider's positions on the floor matches what the computer shows on the screen.  If not, correct the computer position and save again.

5.  The race director will give the riders start warnings at 1 min, at 30 sec, at 10 sec, at 5 sec.  After the 5 sec warning press the G button on the computer.  That will initiate a 3 second countdown shown on the screen.  The riders start when the number 1 flashes on the screen. 

6.  After the start, monitor the metrics shown for each rider to look for any problems.  Notify the race director if something does not look right.

7. After the last rider finishes the race click on the "red X" in upper right corner to save the race info. 

8. When the race is saved you should advise the  pit crew it is OK to disconnect the radio cable from the CT control units.

9. Remove the position numbers from the riders who just finished and start entering the position numbers for the riders in the next race.     


Pit Crew:

1.  Pit crew makes sure everyone's bike is ready for the next race.  Rear tires inflated to proper level and tire tread cleaned of any dust or debris. Make sure the bike has a rear skewer made with steel knobs on both ends (not plastic).  Look for ay severe defects in rear tires that might cause a problem and assist riders in changing tires if needed. 

2.  The race director will annnounce when it is time to bring bikes forward and load on the CompuTtrainers (CTs) for the next race.

3.  Do not connect or disconnect any of the wiring to the CTs untill cleared by the race director.    

4.  Carefully set bike into the frame of the CT so that the rear wheel skewers line up with the cups on the machine.  Then hand tighten the CT cups evenly so the rear wheel is centered in the frame.  Then hand tighten the inner CT lockrings.

5.  Tighten the roller knob until the roller depresses the rear tire about 1/4 inch.

6.  Place a riser block under the front wheel to level the bike

7.  Perform a roller pressure test. A good technique is to have two pit crew work together.  One positioned on the roller knob and the other at the front reading the control unit.  The radio cable must be unplugged during this test.  Have rider quickly accelerate to 26 mph or above then stop pedaling and let wheel coast to a stop.  Adjust roller knob until computer display reading is 3.0 plus/minus .10  (2.90 - 3.10).  Press the F3 button to save the setting.  8.  Before the race starts insert the radio cable into the control unit in order for the rider's information to be transmitted to the main computer and to the front screen.  If the next race is showing on the screen the rider should see their speed, power and other info below their name

9.  Check to see that rider has water bottle and towel.  Help riders with any last minute adjustments or requests. 

10. When all riders have completed the race and the race data has been saved, the Race Director will give the OK to disconnect the radio cable for all the positions.  

11.  Turn the roller pressure knob counterclockwise until the roller is not touching the rear wheel .  Then loosen the CT clamps from the rear axle of the bike.  Make sure someone is holding the bike upright as the clamps are released.  Carefully pick up the bike and give it to the rider behind the race line. 

12.  Pit crew and riders need to move with caution.  The start line area is crowded with lots of wires and stands.  Move carefully while setting up or removing bikes from the CTs and the start line.