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Professional Bike Fitting Now Available

At Ohio Cycling Center we are determined to improve your cycling through our dynamic, multi-level fitting process!

Let us help you optimize your cycling experience! 

Come see us and get "Fit to Excel"!


Your In-depth bike fitting includes:

  • Assessment of your riding plans

  • Anatomical measurements

  • Flexibility measurements & limitations

  • Foot assessment/cleat adjustment

  • Measure & record your bike geometry

  • Saddle position adjustment

  • Knee angle adjustments

  • Upper body positioning

  • Stem, handlebar, aerobar adjustments

  • Pedal stroke review

  • A record of your Fit Session including recommendations

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Paul Rouse is our professional fitter and is certified by Serotta International Cycling Institute, Fit Kit, and USA Cycling. He has fitted hundreds of riders on all types of bikes (road, mountain, triathlon, cyclocross, and hybrid).  Paul has ridden thousands of miles since 1985 and won medals at state and national cycling competitions.  

 A Professional Bike Fit Has So Many Benefits


1.  Comfort.  By far, the most frequent request I hear is, "Can you make this bike more comfortable!"  A bike that does not fit well will make riding a lot less enjoyable and may discourage you from riding at all. And it is possible to be comfortable while improving power and speed. 

2.  Control.  A key element of a proper fit is to get the rider into a well balanced position over the center of the bike so it handles well and they are able to shift, brake, and steer safely.

3.  Efficiency.  A good fit typically leads to 

     -  Increased speed at same energy output

     -  More power per pedal stroke

     -  Better Aerodynamics

4.  Injury Prevention. A typical cyclist may pedal 80-90 revolutions per minute, which is 4800+ revolutions per hour. And they ride anywhere from 1-5 hours.  Even if pedaling easy that is a lot of movement in the hips, knees, ankles and feet.  A bike that does not fit properly can create many serious issues including chronic sore muscles, tendinitis, burning/tingling in feet or hands, and stiff and painful neck and shoulders.  A properly fitted bike will help minimize the strain on your muscles and joints and reduce the chance for these injuries.

5.  Buying the Correct Bike.  If you are planning to purchase a bike, new or used, get fitted/sized before you make the purchase.  Getting your measurements before you buy gives you critical information needed to evaluate which bike models and sizes will fit you.  Don't waste your money on a bike that may never be adjustable for you.   We can help you evaluate the bikes you are considering and give recommendations on the best fit.  After the purchase we will work with you to fine tune the bike to your specifications.  

A typical road bike fitting requires 2.5 - 3 hours to complete.  A fitting for triathlon or other bikes with aero bars will usually require 3 or more hours.  Our charge is $60 per hour.

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