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 Many Benefits of Coaching 

    Most of us can learn the fundamentals of a sport, the fundamentals of training, and can achieve some success working on our own!  But many athletes, who train extremely hard week-after-week, don't get the results they should for the effort.  This is where a coach can really make a difference.

Coach Paul leading 7-day training camp in Tennessee

    A good coach helps you understand your current level of fitness, helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, helps you establish and refine realistic goals, keeps your training focused on the right elements at the right time and gives you honest and accurate feedback on your performance.  


    At Ohio Cycling Center coaching is available on many levels - whether for specific needs like performance measurement or monthly or annual training plans.  I believe most of you would benefit greatly from working with a coach.  The choice is usually based on affordability.  At OCC we strive to make coaching services available and affordable for athletes of all levels. 

Coaching Consult

This is a two-hour session designed to explore your goals, your fitness, your skills and abilities and suggest strategies for your development.  If you decide to become one of our coached athletes this will include a training plan based on hours to achieve your goals and weekly  workouts for the first month.        $100/Session

Basic Coaching Package
  • Provides weekly training schedules showing daily exercise elements* and time. 

  • Provided one month at a time.  Adjusted monthly for your progress. 

  • Includes Training Peaks Premium on-line training plan, log and analysis and 15 min with your coach per week (in person or via phone or email).         

  • $80/mo 


*  NOTE:  Daily exercise elements include:

  • Workout descriptions including duration and intensity

  • Strength training elements and guidelines if appropriate

  • Interval training elements and guidelines.

Ride With A Coach

Wouldn't it be great if you could arrange to have a coach ride with you for a couple of hours and evaluate your riding skills or work on a specific skill you want to improve, without signing up for a long term coaching contract?


Well, now you can!   "Ride With A Coach" lets you request a one-time personal training ride with an experienced coach.  We'll work with you to determine what skill or elements you want to improve and then set up a training ride to practice what you need.


Training Classes and Clinics

Let our experienced instructors lead you or your group through focused training in bike handling, safety, racing skills, strategy & tactics, bicycle maintenance, etc.  Indoor and outdoor sessions are available and tailored to your needs. 

Call, text or email for for details and pricing.

Enhanced Coaching Package
  • Provides weekly training schedules showing daily exercise elements* and time. 

  • Includes weekly analysis of workout data downloaded from your power meter or heart rate monitor. 

  • Provides workout schedule one month at a time and adjusted weekly based on your performance. 

  • Includes 60 min with with your coach per week (in person or via electronic means).  

  • Includes a Training Peaks Premium on-line training plan account to deliver your workouts and track your progress

  •  $240.00/month

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