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Southwest Ohio
Indoor Cycling Races

Charity Fundraiser Supported with "Cycling for Charity" 501(c)(3)

Next Races will be Dec 2024

We are a "Go" for the races on 

Join Us For These
"Supercharged" Indoor Cycling Events

Countryside YMCA
1699 Deerfield Road
Lebanon, OH  

Four Racing Days Each Season

Race each hour from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Challenge yourself and your friends on either a 10K or 20K course using your bike on our precision resistance generating equipment.

  • See your speed, power, and progress compared to the other racers at all times.

  • Realistic "feel" of racing is highly motivating and generates lots of excitement!

  • Results are posted on-line so you can track your progress over time.

  • All proceeds are donated to Charities. 

The Indoor Cycling Races offer cyclist of all levels a chance to socialize, train and compete with each other in a safe, friendly, indoor environment.  The races are an excellent way to measure and improve your fitness throughout the winter months in Ohio.

What Participants Are Saying about this event: 

  •  I thoroughly enjoy this event!  Peter Wimberg

  • Great event, well run and organized!  James Naber

  • Fun and exciting event with plenty of encouragement and the opportunity to compete against others and yourself! Thank you, Paul and team, for leading this Series!

  • Well run and loads of fun! Super nice folks run the event!  Greg Palmisano 

  • A big thank you for hosting these!  As you said it is great motivation for winter training AND weight maintenance!  John Crook 

More information or Questions
Contact Paul at


Thanks to these wonderful sponsors for their support!

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Volunteer And Earn Donations To Your Charity

 There are 8 volunteer positions at each of these events and the shifts are approximately 4 hours.  Volunteers can typically enter a race during their shift.  Click the button below for more info.      

 This past season our volunteers earned more than $4,000 for their charities including JDRF, YMCA, ALS Foundation, CAIN, Youngs Dairy Charity, and Peletonia. 

Support For Charities

Even if you are not able to sign up to race we would still appreciate any donations to help support the above charities.  Use the "Donate" button below to make a contribution!


Race results are uploaded to after each heat finishes.  Results are available for previous seasons all the way back to 2010.

What are the fastest times we have recorded for this event here in Southwest Ohio?  Take a look at the record holders going back to 2010.  Challenge yourself to beat the record for your age group by the end of the season!  


Photos for this season and past years are posted to the Southwest Ohio Indoor Time Trial Series Facebook Page.

Promoter's Rights

The promoter (Ohio Cycling Center) reserves the right to change the riders starting in any race, change the start times of the races, refuse a rider due to bicycle or equipment or health problems, add or eliminate races, combine overall categories for prizes, add or eliminate prize categories, adjust or waive the fee for races, reschedule an event date/time, cancel an event and take any other action deemed necessary to support this event.  

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