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Performance Testing
Tombragel Bozue Wimberg Van Hoose Stoeck

Performance testing is a basic element of the training process for any athlete. To begin, performance testing helps define your strengths and weaknesses and lets you focus training where it will do the most good.  As you continue training toward your desired goals you measure your progress on a regular basis to see how your fitness has changed and if your training is having the desired effects.  

     Performance testing for cyclist comes in many forms.  The time trial, for example, is one of the most basic measurement tools and provides an indication of a cyclist's aerobic fitness and endurance.  But, how do you know if you are really performing up to your own potential.


     At Ohio Cycling Center there are a variety of tests we can use to establish your baseline of fitness and performance. 

FTP Tests

The Functional threshold Power (FTP) test is one of the most useful.  The results of this test predict the average steady state power and heart rate you can maintain for one hour.  This can be translated into quantifiable training zones to guide your training on a daily and weekly basis.  The advent of modern cycling computers, heart rate monitors and power meters allows you to use the results of this test train at very specific levels, thus maximizing the desired benefit. It is typically done at the beginning of your training season and every 4-6 weeks thereafter to evaluate your progress.  This test requires approximately two hours to complete.  Our fee is $60 per test.

Power Profile Test

 The Power Profile Test is designed to measure your power output for different lengths of time (5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 20 minutes).  The results provide an indication of your relative strengths as a field sprinter, pursuiter, time trialist, or all-rounder.  Perhaps even more interesting, it allows us to compare your performance with norms for other cyclist from beginner to world class.  The power profile test requires approximately two hours to complete. It requires max efforts from 10 sec to 5 minutes and should only be done if you are in excellent condition. 

The value for 20 minute power is derived from the FTPHR test above.  It takes both test to complete the profile.  However, we do not recommend doing both test on the same day.  Our fee is $60 per test.

Spin Scan
Pedaling Analysis
RM1 Spin Scan Screen.jpg

I've been able to help so many riders improve their pedaling efficiency and power using the Spin Scan analysis.  Frequently, what riders think they are doing is not what is actually happening.  Spin Scan shows you in real time what each leg/pedal is doing, the power being produced, if the legs are contributing equally, where you may have weaknesses, and how you can make your pedaling more efficient.  Spin Scan helps identify the strong or weak areas of your pedal strokes.  You can improve your pedaling efficiency while you watch your pedal stroke on different courses using different techniques suggested by the coach. 

We can complete a Spin Scan analysis for you in about 1 hour. Our fee is $60/Hr.  

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