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More About Rouvy

     We will use the Rouvy AR Indoor Cycling Application and your bike trainer (stationary trainer, smart trainer, traditional resistance trainer).  Rouvy interfaces with trainers & devices that transmit power, or speed, or cadence, or heart rate via Ant+ or bluetooth signals. 

     Your experience and results will vary depending on which type of trainer you use. Smart trainers (for example, Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Neo, or Saris H3) give you the most realistic ride by automatically adjusting the resistance you feel at the pedals based on changes in the road gradient and the weight of the rider. 

     If you have a bike equipped with a power meter (like Quark, Stages, Power Tap, Garmin, or many others) you determine your power output based on your gear selection and cadence.  Rouvy will use your power and other data to calculate your speed based on the gradient at your location along the course.

    If you have a speed/cadence sensor (no power meter), Rouvy will estimate your power and speed based on your course location, but this is the least accurate of the methods. 

     So yes, the results will vary and riders not using smart trainers will likely go faster than those who do.  Our goal is to give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and have some fun with whatever equipment you have.  

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