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When To Arrive

Participants should arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to race time.  Allow yourself plenty of time to sign in, get changed, and get a good warm-up prior to hook up time

What To Bring

Bring your bicycle.  * See notes below

Bring your cycling shoes and clothes.  Helmet not required.

Bring a water bottle

Bring a towel if you want to shower after the race.  Locker rooms and showers are available at no charge




* Bicycle Notes

Our equipment works with tire sizes of 24 inch, 26 inch, and 27 inch with tire width up to 2.25.  It works with metric tire sizes 650C and 700C with width up to 28C.  We recommend only using smooth tread tires when riding this event.  Knobby tires are not very efficient on roller-based trainers.


Your bike should be clean and in good working order.


Tires should be in good condition.  No cuts, frays, or debris.  If you get a flat during the race you will not be able to finish with that group.  


The bike should have a steel trainer skewer with round ends installed in the rear wheel.  These are like the one below that work with bikes with rim brakes.    



    For bikes with disk brakes the adapters are different  


Traditional Skewer.jpg
Disk brake bike.jpg

Thru axle

Bikes with Disk Brakes

  • More and more road bicycles are being produced with disk brakes and this can create difficulties when attaching to trainers like CompuTrainer, Cycleops, Wahoo, Saris, Tacx, and many others.

  • Most disk brake bikes are using "Thru Axles" to attach the wheels to the bike.  This adds stiffness to the frame and helps keep the disk brake rotors aligned.

  • Problems when trying to attach to a fixed trainer unit.​

    • Most thru axle bikes don't have any axle extending beyond the frame on the drive side (chain side).  There is nothing for a trainer to attach to.  An adapter(s) is required to attach the bike to a fixed trainer. 

    • Manufacturers are using a variety of axle diameters and a variety thread counts for their thru axles.  This makes it difficult to make a universal adapter for all bikes.  They are rather bike specific.   

    • Bikes with thru axles are wider across the rear hub and frame.  When an adapter is added for training it may exceed the width of the axle clamps on some trainers. 

  • How this affects Indoor Time Trial participants

    • You need to bring your own adapters.  These should be installed prior to coming to the event to make sure they fit.

    • The spacing between the openings of the CompuTrainers we use is 200 mm.  After installed on your bike your adapters should be no more than 200 mm across from tip to tip.

    • Recommend you take your bike to a shop that carries your brand of bike to make sure you get an adapter that works with your bike. 

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