Race Details

   The course is 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles long.  The hills average 1/2 mile long and the gradient is 3% or less.  On average it takes about 18 minutes to complete the ride.      

    You don't have to worry about riding in bad weather or crashing in these races!!  This is an indoor event!!  We attach your bicycle to a stationary, computerized trainer that simulates outdoor riding conditions.  The computer adjusts the resistance you feel on your pedals based on your weight, your speed, and the slope of the course where you are from start to finish.



We use eight CompuTrainer units hooked up side by side and facing a large projector screen.  On the screen you will see the course profile (uphills, downhills, and flats), speed, power, distance ridden, and location of all the other racers.  This is what makes the event so exciting!  You get really motivated when there are other people trying to outrun you to the finish!   

This is what pushes the riders to new le