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Join Us For The

Virtual Cleves Races

Cleves Winter TT Races

Saturday, Feb 17, 2024


Exciting Indoor Virtual Cycling 

Presented By
ueen City Wheels and Ohio Cycling Center

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     We'll be racing the historic Cleves 10.2 mile Time Trial Course using actual course video and GPS course and gradient data synchronized to your speed.  The result is an exciting, "near-real" racing experience.  Riders from all over the world will be participating, which gives this event a truly international flavor and enhances the competition.  Up to 300 people can race in any of the 3 start times.   

How to Sign-Up to Race

                       There is No Entry Fee    
You will need to create a Rouvy account to log in to the race.  
     If you have not used Rouvy before, you can use their 14-Day Free Trial offer to participate.  Wait until you are within 14 days of the race to start your free trial so it will be active through race day.  No credit card is needed to sign up for the free trial and it terminates automatically unless you request to extend it.

Check out the free trial at https//
     With the free trial you will first set up your Rouvy account with a login and password. etc.  Once you reply to their request to verify your email your account is recognized. 
      Next, return to and download the Rouvy-AR App, which is the race platform.  There are downloads for PC, MAC, IOS, Android, Etc.   

      If you already have a Rouvy account just click on the green Register button at one of the race links below and you will be ready to participate.

        When you are logged-in to Rouvy, the Cleves races are listed under the Events tab on  Under events click on Race Events, then click on Go To Schedule.  

     You can go directly to each race using these links:
9:00 am    Cleves Winter Race #1.  10.2 mi TT course

10:00 am  Cleves Winter Race #2.  10.2 mi TT course

11:00 am    Cleves Winter Race #3.  10.2 mi TT course

The race results will be automatically posted on your my.rouvy account.  Go to​ , the Explore tab, then On-line Races and look under under the Finished Races tab.
     If you want your name to show with your race results then, before the race starts, do the following. Go to​
then click on the "gear" icon on the far right of the top banner.  On the drop down menu click on Profile Settings. Fill in your first and last name.  If you choose not to enter your name, only your login name shows on the results.
     Also, while you are in the Profile Settings menu we ask that you use the Team field to identify your trainer set-up as only one of the following.  This will help people evaluate their results compared to others with similar trainers.
    1. Smart Trainer (Resistance changes transmitted to trainer by computer program based on slope of road and rider weight).
    2. Power Meter (Rider determines resistance by gear selection and cadence. Power data transmits to application.  Power meters may also transmit speed/cadence data). 
    3. Speed/Cadence Sensor (No power meter signals. Rider determines resistance by gear selection and cadence.  Speed data transmits to application).

     If you would like to start practicing the course before race day the Cleves Course is available in Rouvy-AR.  Open Rouvy-AR and you will see a window showing the current selected race. Click the CHANGE button. Then use the SEARCH icon on the upper left and enter Cleves Time Trial. Several versions pop up. Select the one with Video.

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